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It's come to our attention that any email address from the live group (e.g. Hotmail, Live, etc) are not receiving emails from our domain, we have contacted Microsoft in order to resolve this issue, and we hope it will be resolved soon. But for now we ask all users use another email domain, such as gmail.

Forum Rules

The rules of the forum. DSG is not responsible for bans which may result from not reading this page in its entirety.

Welcome to the DSG forums. This is a place for members of our community to relax and interact during their time away from our server(s).

1. Banter is allowed, but being a dick is not. Treat members and staff with the respect they deserve.
 1a. Except Assassin. You can be a dick to Assassin.
  1b. jk assassins are people too
2. Don't spam. It creates a lot of work for the moderators and will probably get you banned.
3. No advertising. You will be warned the first time and banned the second. Obviously, spambots will be permabanned on sight.
4. Keep it PG-13. Visible genitalia or female nipples in posts will get you banned. NSFW links are allowed provided they are marked as such. Please do not engage in sexual roleplay of any kind on any board.
4a. Even so, please use common sense. Linking to gore, child abuse or anything NSFW involving someone clearly underage will result in an immediate, substantial and non-negotiable ban.
5. Try to stay on topic. If you're going to derail into something completely unrelated to the listed thread topic, please make a new thread on the appropriate board.
6. Acting openly homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist, ageist or anything else likely to be highly offensive to a certain group of people is forbidden. You are allowed to state your opinion on these matters, but discriminating against another member simply for being different is a violation of Rule 1.
7. Don't flame. People are entitled to their own opinions, and yours is no more correct than anyone else's.
8. All members of the forum staff reserve the right to act as they see fit in response to any violations of these rules.
9. Have fun.
 9a. You do not talk about DSG forums.
  9b. You do not talk about DSG forums.

When you are banned, you are banned. If you have been banned for no reason, you will be unbanned. If you have been banned as a joke, your ban will most likely have lasted two seconds, and reading this to try to find an excuse to get the mod who jokebanned you fired from the staff is a colossal waste of time.

Permabans requests must be lodged by a moderator on the forum staff's board, which is viewable by all members. After that, a discussion will take place in the created thread and a conclusion will be reached by staff. A permaban will ensue only if the request has support from over half of the forum staff, and any permaban request without adequate support for over a month will be denied. Spambots are exceptions to this rule, as they are not human and therefore do not have the right to a fair trial.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a pleasant stay on the DSG forums.

If you have any complaints, please feel free to PM me.

~ Force (EMF), Director of Forums

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